Affiliate Marketing Plans – Step by Step Plans to Make Money on the Web. Budget Or No Budget!

Are you thinking about making some extra money online. Then affiliate marketing is the best place to start. For those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is, let me give you a brief introduction.

Affiliate marketeers sell other peoples products on the web and they get paid a commission for every sale they make. No contract, no requirements or budget is needed to start. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

The most popular products amongst affiliates are info-products and software, because these products offer you the highest commissions ( up to 75% per sale).

To get started there are a couple of options to choose from:

1) If you have absolutely no money to spend on your ‘online business’, that’s fine. You can still make hundreds or thousands of dollars per month without even spending a penny. This ‘free method’ does require some more ‘elbow grease’, but it is the perfect way to get started, because you’ll learn the affiliate marketing basics. Most affiliate marketeers start out this way and a lot of them keep using free methods of promotion throughout their online career. This method is called ‘article marketing’ and it is very easy to learn. That is, if you have a ‘proven affiliate marketing plan’ to follow. Finding a good plan can be a challenge because there is so much information on the internet about affiliate marketing. Some of it is really good, a lot of it isn’t!

2) But what if you can afford to invest some money ($200 or less) in your new online business. Should you do this and why? First off, ‘investing’ money means you should get back more than you put in. If it’s the other way around, you’re just throwing money out the window. But why would you want to invest money if you can do the same for free. Well, that’s simple: to save time and make your business grow faster. You’ll get more done in less time!

You have a couple of options to chose from if you want to invest some money:

- Let’s say you have some experience in affiliate marketing and you want to speed things up: Do not invest your money in software of any kind, but in knowledge. Don’t buy fish, learn how to fish!

In my opinion the two best ways for marketeers with some experience are Pay per Click (PPC) and building an email list. When done right, these methods can generate some serious cash (hundreds of dollars every day). However, if you are going to give PPC a try without any prior experience and knowledge about it, it will probably cost you a lot more money than you put in and your budget will be gone before you have made a single sale! The same applies here: you need a proven affiliate marketing plan!

If you have $200 to spend on paid ads, but you know nothing about it, your money will be gone before you know it. But if you invest part of this money on learning PPC, then the rest of this money will generate a nice return for you!