Mark Hoverson’s Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint

Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint is a product training content system that is something you cannot ignore if you plan on making lots of money whether in the network marketing business or not. This is a six module course which includes a bonus module and action guides.

Here’s a Summary of The Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint

#1: Three training videos

1. How to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes. A caffeine product brings you instant cash and traffic; they fulfill the need of someone’s problem and it brands you as a leader.

2. Mark explains how to lay the perfect foundation and framework for your caffeine product and how to detail your offer.

3. One of Mark’s tech guys created a step-step video for brand new people as well as a video for the more experienced.

#2: How to create an team

1. Mark gives you a vaccination that will protect you from certain diseases that could will keep your business alive and protect you from the inevitable setbacks and see them as milestones.

2. You will learn how to use inter-team competition to build your team, and executive communication. This is a topic worth its weight in gold.

3. You are literally shown how to create a 7 figure income and above with time management and how to get assistance from within your team.

#3: Video Sales Letter with Email bonus

If you didn’t know it, with out emails you don’t have a business.

1. Mark explains the email strategies that will bring in the money. He will explain how to get your emails opened every time you send them.

2. You’ll learn how to use videos in your emails to sell and pre-sell your product and lots of other tricks to use.

#4: How to use webinars to sell

1. Mark teaches you how to host a webinar also how to use a webinar to make a sell, what to say and do each minute of your webinar.

2. Mark is going to give you the low down on what he’s learned from QVC and direct response and infomercials He’s going to show you how to apply what he’s learned and how to implement it into webinars. This will be a literal life changer for most people.

#5: Crop products

These are unlike the caffeine products which have a short shelf life, but it’s something that has a long-term asset potential for you. Mark is going to teach you the perceptions and the differences between a caffeine and a crop product.

6: Irresistible speaking secrets

Simply this; after learning this skill you’re going to have people running to the back of the room to purchase your product. These speaking secrets are not about giving a speech it’s about giving a selling speech.

#7: You will learn how to become a master at phone recruiting.

This module is mainly for network marketer. These are Mark’s 21 word for word recruiting secrets.